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Along with Organic-Passions (the site you are on now), the sites listed below all focus on connecting singles with others who are interested in dating singles interested in natural, less-processed, organic and vegetarian diets. The sites listed below focus more on connecting vegetarian singles since they tend to be more interested in eating organic (although not always). These sites should give you a way to find others you are more likely to connect with around organic farming and organic diets, but please keep in mind that the members on any site will vary. If you ONLY eat organic and your partner must as well, then make sure to bring that up in an early discussion since not all members of these sites are likely to hold to a completely organic diet.


Find members within the site based on their dietary preferences, including: Celiac, Dietary Vegan, Frutarian, Gluten/Wheat free, Lacto Vegetarian, Lacto-ovo Vegetarian, Macrobiotic Diet, Ovo Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Raw Vegan, Semi Vegetarian or Vegan.


Vegetarian Dating Connexion

Meet Vegetarian Singles! Find Love Tonight!
Carbon footprint? Health reasons? Animal cruelty? Common sense? Whatever the reason you have chosen to live a vegetarian lifestyle, it can be difficult for many to date 'meat eaters'. While some can do it, others would view their significant others as ignorant to the harm they are doing to the world, to themselves and to animals. If you are only interested in dating other vegetarians, then check out Vegetarian Dating Connexion.

Vegetarian Online Dating

Yes! Vegetarian Online Dating Is A Vegetarian Dating Club!
Not only are vegetarians everywhere, they (we) are growing in number. Fortunately, people seem to be waking up to the harm caused by eating meat and more and more people are moving to a vegetarian diet. And to satisfy die-hard meat eaters, there will soon be laboratory created meat that allows for real animal meat to be produced without harming the environment or animals. While that may not be of interest to many, it is evidence that the world is changing and changing fast. If you are interested in dating vegetarians now though, Vegetarian Online Dating is a great place to start.

Single Vegetarian

Start searching 1000's of Vegetarians in your area today!
Guess what. There are a LOT of vegetarians online right now who are interested in dating, romance, love and more. The key is to find them and one of the better Vegetarian Dating sites is Single Vegetarian. So, if you are strictly vegetarian and you are looking for like-minded vegetarian singles, this could be the site for you.

Green Singles Dating site
Green Singles
"Meet Your Conscious Partner Here!"
While not exclusively for Vegetarians, Green Singles embraces an all-encompassing conscious awareness of how people should treat one another and how they should treat the planet and of course, how they should treat animals. Find your Vegan soul mate here.

Vegetarian Dating Service

"Meet Other Vegetarians Today!"
If you believe in the saying 'Meat is murder', then you will fit in great on Vegetarian Dating Service. This site has been designed to connect single vegetarians online for dating, chat, romance and who knows where all of that will lead. If you know you don't want to date a 'meat eater', then this is a great Vegetarian dating site for you.

Meet Eco Singles

"Find Green Dates In Your City!"
If you are interested in dating someone who shares your values, Meet Eco Singles is built for singles who care about the environment, nutrition, animals and more. Meet like-minded eco-friendly vegetarian singles for dating and more!


Vegetarian Chat City

Chat With Others Who Share Your Vegetarian Lifestyle
Regardless of your personal reasons for becoming a vegetarian, you will find MANY others who share your ideals when chatting on Vegetarian Chat City. If you are looking for other vegetarian singles, what better way to get to know people than to interact with them via chat. Once you make a connection, you can 'take it to the real world'. Start with an organic coffee and work your way up to your favorite vegetarian restaurant for a bite to eat. The key is to take the first step and join. After that, it is up to each member whether or not they want to take it further.

Veggie Connection

"Join vegetarians, vegans, raw-foodists, fruitarians, and macrobiotics for romance and friendships."
Avoid meat eaters on a first date. Join Veggie Connection and find like-minded animal lovers and veggie eaters.

Green Living Singles

Search Through Thousands Of Green Living Singles Looking For Vegetarian Singles
Green Living Singles helps individuals who are interested in sustainable living find each other for friendship and dating!

Green Personal Ads

Tired Of Trying To Save The Earth Alone?
"Meet singles who share your green lifestyle, whether it's a passion for the environment, animals, eco-living, veganism, or vegetarianism. They are here waiting to make new connections!"

Veggie Flirt

Veggie Meets Veggie - A Love Story!
If you are a strict vegetarian and you are interested in dating others who share you beliefs regarding the importance of not eating meat and taking care of this fragile planet, then Veggie Flirt could be the site for you. Join for free and browse the members to see if this is the type of dating site you are interested in.


Veggie Date
Why Date A Meat Eater?
Veggie Date is filled with Vegetarians, but it does include members with a focus on vegan food, organic food, GMO food, organic raw food and GMO free raw food. Basically, you are not going to find meat eaters on Veggie Date. Enjoy!

*Sites listed on this page are a combination of ads, affiliate related Sites and general non-partnership related sites that match the theme of Organic-Passions.