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This site (Organic-Passions) is part of Passions Network Inc., a network of over 260+ individually free online dating & social network dating sites. You can maintain a membership on this site (Organic-Passions) alone, and enjoy 100% free access to any/all of the features within the site…or, if you are interested, you can upgrade to ‘Network Wide Access’, which will allow you to add additional sites into your account. All account information is maintained & updated in one area, so just follow the instructions in the links listed below the HELP tab to add/edit your account and your existing sites.


Do you want your profile to be seen?

Make sure you have a photo and a UNIQUE description for each site you add into your account.
(Note: Active members automatically appear higher throughout the site, within Search, Groups, Forums, etc.)

I’m confused! Where do I start?

Click the small round icon (when logged in) in the far upper right to be taken to an area where you can add/edit your primary profile photo.

Click the MY ACCOUNT link in the navigation bar (when logged in) to set up/edit sections of your account.

Click the SITES link on your Profile page to see all the sites in Passions Network, and choose the sites you would like to add into your Account.*

*NOTE: The site you join initially is (and always will be 100% free). While Passions Network has over 260+ niche online dating sites, not all of them are available to  be added into your account for free. Approximately 150+ sites are available to be added for free at this time, but as sites grow in size and popularity, they become unavailable to be added for free. Sites that are not available to be added for free require an upgrade to ‘Network Wide Access’. ‘Network Wide Access’ is exactly what it sounds like. For approximately $4.95/month (US$), members can have access to the entire network of sites within Passions Network (with a few minor exceptions…e.g. no men on Lesbian Passions, no women on Gay Passions, etc. Please note, upgrading to ‘Network Wide Access’ is entirely optional. 

After adding Sites into your Account, click the MY SITES link to add a UNIQUE description specific to each site you have added. The point of your description is to speak to the members on each site about why you are interested in that specific site. The underlying concept within Passions Network is that (hopefully) it is easier to break the ice if you share something in common…so make sure your description is related to the theme of each site you add.

To join Groups, click the Groups links in the navigation bar for the sites in your account, and join the GROUPS that match YOUR interests. HINT: Do not join Groups because you like the people in that Group, because you will be in the wrong area. Groups are meant as ways for members to find people who are interested in that particular Group theme. (Note: Joining a Group will associate your profile within that Group, so if you have any concerns with being associated with any particular Group, you should not join it.)

Remember to logout whenever you leave the site. Our system logs you out automatically after some time, but logging out yourself will prevent people from thinking you are online and ignoring them.

Send us feedback! We want to know what you think…good & bad. Take a moment to click on the ‘Contact Us’ link in the HELP navigation area to let us know what you think of our sites.

Note: Profiles with the same description in multiple sites, with nonsense descriptions, or without descriptions will be deleted.

SHOW US SOME LOVE (and help yourself in the process)

While Passions Network has over 260+ individual niche dating social networking sites, the first site someone joins is 100% free! And, as mentioned above, members can add a LARGE number of other sites into their Account for free as well…so we are asking you to help us grow.

If you want to see lots and lots of people when you do a search…show us some love, and tell your friends about our network of individually 100% FREE sites. If everyone tells one or two of their friends, the number of member profiles will explode. Take a moment to send an email (or a Tweet) to a few friends, and ask them to just check us out. Hopefully, they’ll join, and maybe even meet someone special who shares their passions in life too!




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